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Art of Bridal Mehndi Italy

The artist and services

You can check my general portfolio here or some of my other bridal designs here and find some feedbacks from past clients on this page so you can get an idea of my past and present mehndi work. I'm told I'm quite fast, usually I can decorate 10 guests/hour freehand and brides can take from 1 to 7 hours according to design (for faster extensive work on a bride I could require a collaborator).


For destination weddings, I can arrange a Skype or Whatsapp call for discussing details (you can find my Skype button on this page), you can contact me using the form below to get specific rates and travel fee and arrange a live call for discussing kinds of design and extension (see package options too). In case, I am available for a free bridal mehndi trial at my place if you happen to be around my area (North Italy, near Venice), or we could discuss details for a trial somewhere else in Italy if feasible (fee applies).

I can also suggest you other professionals or artists for Indian wedding services (dhol, bhangra, Indian light and classical music, makeup, priests, bollywood or classical dance etc.) for sangeet parties and weddings in Italy.


Check my availability on my calendar here (bottom of the page), in case I am not available we could still try and arrange or I could suggest you another artist/collaborator, just let me know.

Fill in the following contact form and send it to me here.


We can then discuss all details via email or Skype/whatsapp as you prefer or even set a trial appointment. You will then get my quotes on your event and my deposit/refund policy details. Once we have discussed details and mutual requirements and we have agreed on them, I will send you a file with all details and you can book and confirm my service for your event by sending a deposit refundable up to 30 days before the event (40% refundable up to 10 days before the event and not refundable later than that) via paypal or bank transfer. After this you will also receive a file wih all details of my service for your event.















speed and experience I can henna 10 people in 1 hour and I am told I am quite fast, I've been doing destination bridal mehndi for 6 years now and I am currently the most experienced  bridal mehndi artist in Italy

honesty and reliability you can see my real work on my pictures and videos, you won't get work copied by other artists, I work freehand and customize it to the single client using traditional and trendy styles

knowledge and know how after a 10 year experience in henna art, many long stays in India, a college degree in Hindi language, I gained extensive knowledge of Indian culture and can easily communicate in Italian, Hindi and English. I am also a local, so I can easily arrange my trips independently without any fuss for you




Here are the bridal mehndi packages I usually offer (combinations and special requirements are possible as well, specific rates are mentioned on request):

  • basic  both hands simple design on full palm up to wrist, simple strips on back of hands, simple mandala or strips on both feet up to ankle - takes 1-2 hours

  • regular both hands medium intricacy design on full palm  and full back up to wrist, simple design on feet - takes 2-3 hours

  • medium both hands (palms and backs half way to elbow) medium to heavy intricacy design and feet (half way to knee) medium intricacy design up to ankle or simple design up to half way to knee - takes 3-4 hours

  • premium both hands (palms and backs up to elbow) medium intricacy design and feet (up to knee) medium intricacy design - takes 4-6 hours, less with a collaborator (fee applies)

  • extra both hands (palms and backs up to elbow or more) intricate design and feet (half way to knee) intricate design or medium intricacy design up to knee - takes 6-8 hours, less with a collaborator (fee applies)

Below are examples to show possible extension/intricacy for the different packages. You can request quotes of one or more packages by selecting the sample images and clicking on the links specified on each one, you can also attach image samples and/or give more details on your message. For a quote on a specific event with more services required, please fill in the form you can find in the 'how to book' section of this page.

Roopa Sachidanand

"Thanks so much for the wonderful art you did for myself, my friends, and my mom! The henna was SO admired by absolutely everyone (even florentine locals)!! I will send you pictures as soon as I get the professional photographer ones. :) it got even darker as the days passed! I'm glad you enjoyed meeting everyone and would definitely be happy to give you a glowing recommendation."


Rohini Silvia

"For my engagement at the Gurudwara I asked Marged/Holikarang to apply mehndi on my feet and I was thrilled to see what she did. I already knew her because I had asked her previously to decorate me with mehndi for my dance performances. I must say that the mehndi she did on my feet left me gladly surprised for the cleverness and skill it showed. The colorful glitter she added made the design even more special to me. I later went to India for a few weddings and some of the professional Indian mehndi artists left me disappointed and could have learnt a lot from her. Don't hesitate to choose her for your special ceremonies."

                                                 - November 2011

Feedbacks from a few past brides:

Manisha Shah

"My husband and I had a hindu wedding ceremony near lake Iseo.  We organized the wedding from India, so I actually found Marged on the internet!  We had a very casual mehndi party for me and my friends 2 days before the wedding.  Marged was great to work with; very flexible, efficient and creative.  Prior to the ceremony we had discussed what kind of mehndi I wanted and she did exactly that.  Very pretty but not over the top.  She also put designs on many other people ranging frm 3 year olds to my mother; depending on their age and preference she made designs on the foot, hand, shoulder etc! Everyone really enjoyed and had a fabulous time.  I would highly recommend using her!"


How to ensure the best bridal mehndi experience:









1. Position and light In order to work at her best, the artist needs good lighting (not directly under the sun though as it gets uncomfortable after some time) and position, it would be best to provide a high table, 2-3 normal chairs and possibly a cushion

2. Preparation please, do not wax right before mehndi, do it at least 4-5 days in advance, not after mehndi, do not put any body cream, lotion, sunscreen or oil right before mehndi

4. Aftercare try not to move much during the session as it could ruin the artist's work, slow it down or smudge your henna. Try not to drink too much alcohol or dance during the application and even until the henna is dry, you can of course drink normally, eat (be fed!), talk on the phone and chat, but always being very careful not to move too much. Follow the aftercare instructions carefully and ask the artist about them, it's better not to ask those to people who are not pofessionals.

5. Artist's needs Let the artist drink enough water, eat and use the toilet whenever and if she needs to as it is very important to be in good shape to concentrate, keep the position and work properly during a mehndi session, especially for the bridal design. It is also very important for the artist to be well rested as it is a work of precision and balance and not to stress with eccessive noise or crowd as much as possible. Please, don't expect the artist to work at her best immediately after 7 hours of travelling or with a dhol in her ear under hot sun, for example ;).If you want to save on accommodation expenses keep in mind that you are also saving on the quality of the final result!

6. The artist knows best about her work. Please, try not to ask the artist to work with a product she does not know, expecially when ingredients are not disclosed. If you have doubts about the products you want to be used or the result, please discuss this with the artist and ask her suggestions as she has direct and long experience on the body art products she needs. If your tradition requires the family to provide mehndi, then we can discuss a compromise, but let me know in advance please. The artist would also be the best one to know how much and when she needs to rest. I usually prefer to rest the night before the mehndi rather than after if possible, for example, as I need to be fresher for working with henna, but every situation is different, so it is better to discuss this with the artist before the event.

7. Clothing be sure to wear something comfortable for the mehndi application. Darker color will likely get less stained, for example, if you like/want/need to wear traditional clothes a good option could be a capri pants pajama if you are going to get mehndi on your feet.

Click on the images to see details

bridal artist



I learnt mehndi in Uk and India and started practicing the art around 2005, I've been working for South Asian destination weddings in Italy and Switzerland in the last 7 years as a mehndi artist, in collaboration with international wedding planners and mehndi artists from Uk and India and I can provide bridal mehndi and mehndi for guests and bridesmaids with my team for weddings around Italy and other countries (travel fee applies). I am the first Italian mehndi artist working regularly for South Asian brides and I can speak Italian, English and Hindi fluently.

high quality ingredients I only use 100% natural ingredients such as high quality rajasthani certified organic henna powder from reputable sellers and high quality aromatherapy essential oils to make my own paste with my tested personal recipe which gives a dark color (see picture). I never use ready made commercial cones containing nasty chemicals (no natural henna paste can be stored for longer than 10 days), PPD black henna or products I have not tested on myself

Read other testimonials or leave yours on the comments below, thanks!

watch a video of a mehndi application by Holikarang

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